La Fondue – downtown Denver

We had the opportunity to go out to dinner in downtown Denver for my daughter’s birthday on New Year’s Day. My daughter wanted to go to a fondue restaurant, and since her first choice (The Melting Pot) was closed on New Year’s Day we easily made reservations at La Fondue. We had seven in our party and the place was not overly crowded because it had apparently been quite the party spot the night before. All of the staff seemed to be still recovering! The food was excellent and we had a plentiful amount of Lobster and Steak for our fondue. The only thing lacking was the clearing of the dirty dishes and glasses. Overall we had a great time and will go back in the future.

Starbucks of Ken Caryl


Pumpkin Spice Latte (my favorite)

Starbucks: You either love them or hate them. I have had the opportunity to visit many during my real estate career in Colorado, and this one is pretty good. I have not been to a Starbucks yet that has really wowed me, but what else can you expect from a huge chain like Starbucks? I like the ability to sit down and hear myself think. I also like the fact that I can have a meeting with one or two clients or real estate agents that I’m training and am able to easily connect to the internet and enjoy the smells and tastes of some really great coffee. Of the nearby Starbucks I have been to, this one on Ken Caryl near C-470 has a great amount of space to sit. Not as much as the one on Wadsworth just south of Bowles, but definitely more than one right by my house on Chatfield and Wadsworth and the really small one on Broadway & Quincy. I also really appreciate the friendly staff at this location, who informed me I just got the last Pumpkin Spice Latta of the season! Perhaps in 2014 I’ll try out some other coffee shops to see how they stack up to the big elephant that is Starbucks!